This little band of entrepreneurs started from humble beginnings…

… in a little garage two guys were tinkering away and invented…

[oops, wrong "startup" story ;-]

Back on track, the Y.E.S. was created in 2011 by a couple young entrepreneurs here in the Roseburg, Oregon area.

We knew there were other young people out there making things happen… we just didn’t know where to find them. Of course there are the traditional “networking” groups out there like Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, LeTip, and on and on.  All great groups… but none of them seem to bring out the creative, fun, entrepreneurial energy that we love to be around.

So, we created our own group.

The first Entrepreneur Meetup was heavily attended… we were the only ones there :-)

Around a couple beers in downtown Roseburg Chris and I hatched the idea to start a monthly “pub get together” w/ other young entrepreneurs who we liked to hang out with. So we spread the word and over the next few months the group slowly grew. From 2, to 6… then to 10… one month we had almost 20 come hang out after we were briefly mentioned in the News Review newspaper.

Now, there are over a hundred members on our notification list and usually get 40-50 showing up at our monthly Entrepreneur Meetups usually held up in our own Entrepreneur Co-Workspace, theLoft at 950 SE Oak St. here in Roseburg.

Our Future

From the beginning we’ve known the potential of the Roseburg and Umpqua Valley areas.  There’s a lot of cool things happening here.  From Umpqua Oats and the awesome successes they’ve recently had starting out of their kitchen, to companies that have grown to hundreds of employees like Orenco who are making huge things happen on a global scale, to the amazing wine industry that’s popping up here, to the growth of Umpqua Community College, and all the way down to all of the great things the everyday entrepreneur is doing here in the area.

But, we know this area can do bigger and better things. The main missing ingredients are collaboration, inspiration, and collective sharing between the best entrepreneurial minds in the area to really create some cool change here locally.

So, as we grow we’ll become much more than “just a place to have beers w/ other cool young entrepreneurs”.  Into 2015 we’ll start having more frequent events like…

  • Non-boring (thats a technical word) education that will truly help local entrepreneurs “move the needle” in their businesses taught by local entrepreneurs who are killing it in todays economy.
  • Entrepreneur contests and mentoring with the local youth where our members go out and help to inspire high school students (and UCC students) to the possibilities of what they can do to help solve problems in the world, and create cool, fun, meaningful, and profitable businesses out of that
  • Fun events with members to help get us out of the office and into environments that get our blood pumping, juices flowing, and having fun together. Things like summer mountain biking trips, rafting, our summer Umpqua River Float, wine tours, ski trips, and more.
  • Helping causes around the community using our creativity, drive, and desire to help make this a better place to live.
  • … and long term to help actually create new businesses in the are through an Angel Investment fund and our expertise.

There’s so much we can do together… and it’s a heck of a lot more fun than hiding away behind our desks by ourselves.

In the end, it’s about community and growth… without the stiff guidelines and rules of other “networking” groups.

So, you in? If so, head over to our homepage to register as a member. Once you do you’ll get details about our next Entrepreneur Meetups.

Also, if you want to help with the leadership team of the Y.E.S. group (i.e. – if you want to help us organize events, fun stuff, education sessions, etc)… join as a member on our homepage and reply back to the first email you get from us.  The more everyone is involved the more fulfilling it’ll be for all of us and the more we can get stuff done.

See ya on the inside!

- Trevor Mauch & Chris Burnett
The Guys Who Started This Thing

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