Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #10 Brandon Breshears

brandon_breshears2In this episode Trevor interviews Brandon Breshears, of Rethink Veterinary Solutions. Brandon is a father of 2 and an entrepreneur whose focus has in the past been mostly on real estate but is more directed towards internet businesses now. He has pretty much always known he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and because of that, has a wealth of information to share with us.

Listen to the interview between him and Trevor, you will definitely want to take notes, so be ready and enjoy!

In this interview Brandon shares:

  • why we all need to learn that failure happens to everyone.
  • how important it was to learn to work smarter to find more purpose in business and in life.
  • how he lowered his risk when starting his business by preselling.
  • how you can start your business as early as possible on the cheap.
  • why you should remember that the effort you put in is more important than the money on hand.
  • how they grow their business “as needed”.
  • why you should test all of your ideas.
  • the importance of finding and or creating your niche market.
  • why he always has a mentor and someone he can be a mentor to.
  • how to use referral marketing.
  • why you should learn as much as you can about marketing, now.

Check out Brandon’s site¬†rethinkvetsolutions.com/ for more info on what they do.

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