Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #11 Mike Michalowicz – The Pumpkin Plan

mike-michalowicz-pumpkinplanIn this episode Trevor interviews Mike Michalowicz, entrepreneur and author of several awesome books including The Pumpkin Plan.

Listen to the interview between him and Trevor, you will definitely want to take notes, so be ready and enjoy!

In this interview Mike shares:

  • how he changed his mindset.
  • how the “I can do” mindset held him back.
  • how important your “energy” is to what you’re doing.
  • how he translated pumpkin farming into business.
  • how to become a “colossal entrepreneur”.
  • how to build a community around what people want from you.
  • the importance of continuity to entrepreneurs.
  • why you should focus on the strong parts of your business, not the weak.
  • why learning to say no, is so important.
  • what it means to “dilute” yourself, and how to avoid it.
  • and so much more.

Check out Mike’s site http://www.mikemichalowicz.com/ to find out more info about his other books, to learn more about who he is, or to connect with him.

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