Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #9 Brian Dean – Backlinko


In this episode Trevor interviews Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko.com, a site that helps marketers get more search engine traffic that is easy to follow, easy to use and very detailed. Brian took time out of his holiday fun all the way over in Portugal to hop on the line with Trevor and share some awesome info with all of us. So, be sure to take out a pen and a pad of paper because you will pick up some awesome tips from this interview.

In this episode Brian shares:

  • how reading a great book really opened up his eyes.
  • how we are all just one book away from changing our lives.
  • what SEO is.
  • what back links are.
  • how Google (and other search engines as well) works.
  • how to build your own links.
  • the importance of reaching out to local business owners and community members, and networking in general.
  • how you can reach out further than your own community to help your local business.
  • how you can create a resource that people want to reference and use that correlates to your own business to help grow your business.
  • how you can use feedback from others to find out what people want and bring more interest to your business.

Plus so much more!

If you want to take Brian up on his offer to connect with him be sure to shoot him an email


Also be sure to check out Brian’s site Backlinko.com

Other resources mentioned on this call:

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris


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