Our Mission

The Y.E.S. was started in early 2011 by a few local young entrepreneurs who knew there were other people out there in the Roseburg community like them… but also knew there weren’t any groups specifically for entrepreneurs in the area.

So, after a few beers and strategizing… the “entrepreneur meetup” was born.  Since then the group has grown to dozens of members at each monthly “entrepreneur meetup”.

We know this is only beginning of what we can do to help the Roseburg and Umpqua Valley communities come together to embrace entrepreneurs as the backbone of the community and our future.

Sooo… with that said… here’s our simple mission:

  • To connect like-minded entrepreneurial minded people so we can build a thriving “entrepreneur” community and energy in the area
  • To band together the collective strengths of the young (and young at heart) entrepreneur community so we can make big things happen both for our own businesses and for the overall good of our community
  • To help entrepreneurs grow their own businesses in the right ways through education and the experiences of other member entrepreneurs (i.e. – no matter what issues your facing in your business, other members have for sure faced the same issues… and conquered them. No need to make the same mistakes)
  • To use our creativity to not only solve problems for our customers… but to help solve problems as a group that are within our community
  • … and last of all… to make entrepreneurship fun again by putting together great networking (in non-”networkie” formats ;-) , awesome events and group recreation, and other things like masterminds, our monthly “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” book club, and more.

To join, simply go to our homepage and fill in your info.  After you do that you’ll get the details on our next Entrepreneur Meetups and other cool stuff.


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