Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #3 K.C. McKillip

This week Trevor interviewed fellow YES group and Loft member K.C. McKillip. K.C. has a couple of businesses that he owns and operates here in Douglas County including Prestige Pest and Wildlife Management and Black Pearl Asphalt Maintenance. He is also starting a brewery here in Roseburg and calling it Backside Brewery. Hope you enjoy this interview! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and please leave your comments below! …….

Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #2 Donna Holm – Holm Made Toffee

For our 1st July 2013 episode Trevor interviewed local entrepreneur Donna Holm, owner of Holm Made Toffee. Listen to the podcast below and then leave a comment! Also be sure to subscribe! We have been flying through interviews, and plan to start adding new ones twice a month or even weekly very soon, so keep an eye out! Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did! In this …….

Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #1 Leon Glaser – Glaser Estate Winery & Distillery

For June 2013 Trevor interviewed local entrepreneur Leon Glaser, owner of Glaser Estate Winery and Distillery as the first of many in our entrepreneur spotlight series. Listen to the podcast below and then leave a comment! Also be sure to subscribe ! Hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did! In this episode: Leon talks about why Glaser Estate Winery is so different from other wineries/ distilleries. How …….

Douglas County’s Entrepreneurial Growth in 2012

Happy December! Wow I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! But, it has been an incredible year for entrepreneurial success, especially here in our own community. The year 2012 has brought Douglas County numerous successes including: The opening of the Umpqua Business Center. If you haven’t had a chance to check out any info about it yet, hop over  to their website and see what they have going on. The Roseburg Angel …….

Hey guys,
We just wanted to let you all know that this month’s YES group meetup is just around the corner.
I don’t know about you but the last month sure has flown by, come to think of it this whole year has…
We will be meeting up again at Splitz Bar and Grill (in 10 Down) at 5 pm on Wednesday Dec 28.
Last month’s meetup we had such a great time meeting some new people, we hope to see everyone back again this month and encourage you all to invite other local entrepreneurs to join us.
So stop by, have a drink and let’s celebrate the close of 2011.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!
YES Member Engagement
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Hey all you YES’ers,

We just wanted to give you all a heads up that we are
moving our monthly meet-up to Splitz Bar and Grill at
10 Down.

We tried it out last month and it was great. :-)

Comfortable environment, friendly staff and best
of all its owned by a couple of local young entrepreneurs!

This month’s meet-up will be at 5:00 PM on the 28th!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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Hey guys and gals,

Those of you who know me, already know I’m big on marketing.. could talk
about it for hours.

I’m going to start sharing some marketing resources with you that I personally
love and use myself so you can cut through the crap and get to the best marketing resources to grow your biz.

One of my favs is a free site and podcast called

Head over. The podcast they posted last week about your “annual marketing
” is a MUST listen.

You can get on their email list… or just look up ILoveMarketing in itunes and
subscribe to their podcast.

Too many entrepreneurs focus too little on marketing. Marketing should be
the #1 focus of us entrepreneurs… thats the only way you can grow your business.

I was talking w/ a local entrepreneur a few weeks back and we got to
talking about marketing and he said “we’ve had to scale back our marketing
budget in this economy”…

… did you see what he just said?

In a round about way… he’s saying… “we’re not making great money now, so we’re
going to cut of our online lifeline to more customers and more profits“.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Marketing is what separates companies that are thriving in this economy from
those who are struggling.

So, carve out time each week to beef up on your marketing. is a great place to start :-)

- Trevor


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Quick note to all you Y.E.S.’ers!

Tonight at Splitz Bar and Grill (10 down) at 5pm is our November Entrepreneur Meetup.

So, come on down… bring other entrepreneurs… have some beers… hang out and have some fun!

See ya down there!

- Trevor

Quick Map of Meetup Location Below:

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Entrepreneurial bright spot in Roseburg, OregonHey there. This is our very first post here at the Y.E.S. blog.

Welcome to the spot in Roseburg where the sun is shining bright as ever on our future as a community as as local entrepreneurs.

I’ll keep this short and sweet… but if you’re in the Umpqua Valley / Roseburg area of Oregon… and want to meet up w/ the young movers and shakers of this community and learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs… you’ve found the right place.

Save this page, and check back weekly as we’ll be collectively as a group putting up updates to our monthly events, awesome training and content aimed at helping our community and entrepreneurs earn more profits, help more customers, grow a better more sustainable business, and live a better lifestyle because of your business.

Welcome on in!  If you haven’t already… make sure to join the Y.E.S. email notification list to learn of our next Pub Meetups, training, and other cool stuff.

- Trevor

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