Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #3 K.C. McKillip

This week Trevor interviewed fellow YES group and Loft member K.C. McKillip. K.C. has a couple of businesses that he owns and operates here in Douglas County including Prestige Pest and Wildlife Management and Black Pearl Asphalt Maintenance. He is also starting a brewery here in Roseburg and calling it Backside Brewery.

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In this episode K.C. Shares:

  • Why he knew he had to start his own business.
  • The  importance of customer service to his businesses.
  • How networking and face-to-face marketing worked so well for him.
  • Why he is so passionate about business in general.
  • How he secured a location for his brewery.
  • How he actually launched his business and found his first customers.
  • What networking groups – like ours ;-) – have done to help him with his businesses.
  • Why the simple things you don’t want to do, but need to do are so important for a successful business.

For more info on Prestige Pest and Wildlife Management hop over to their Facebook page or shoot them an email at

For more info on Black Pearl Asphalt Maintenance hop over to their Facebook page or shoot them an email at

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