Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #4 Tim Allen – Tim Allen Equipment

tim_and_grettaThis week Trevor interviewed fellow Y.E.S. Member Tim Allen of Tim Allen Equipment, and Roseburg Rental. Listen to this awesome interview and be sure to share your thoughts and comments below! Enjoy!

In this episode Tim shares:

  • How he got his first business off the ground, which set the foundation for the businesses he has now.
  • How he and his wife knew the time was right for them to start their business.
  • How the failures of people around him, almost held him back.
  • How a mindset shift changed his whole business.
  • How a local organization gave him the “tools” to help his business.
  • How being willing to see that he didn’t know everything about business has really helped him.
  • The importance of working on the business not in the business.
  • How he used his seemingly unrelated businesses to work together and help grow each other.
  • How he learned that delegation is important, but it’s more important to pay attention to what things you pass to others so you keep the things most important to your business close to you.

We hope you got as much out of this interview as we did! Remember to subscribe to our podcast! And please leave your comments below!!

For more info on Tim’s businesses hop over to their websites:

For more info on the Small Business Development Center:

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