Umpqua Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview #6 Ben Settle

ben settle with a beer - CopyThis week Trevor interviewed online info marketer and email copywriter Ben Settle.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

In this episode Ben shares:

  • How a book literally changed his life.
  • How he started mixing up a business plan from a company he was working with to make it more his own.
  • How he found his first clients to build/ start his own business.
  • How personal development is so key to his lifestyle.
  • The importance of finding your “Gold Card” clients.
  • How he took what he was already doing and created his own independent business.
  • How he became a “specialist” in his field.
  • The importance of staying in front of your audience.
  • How he keeps what he does for work, something he loves.
  • Why 1 is such a dangerous number in business.
  • The importance of selling aggressively.

In his interview Ben mentioned a few things:

You can find more info about the book he mentioned “The Seven Lost Secrets of Success” <– by clicking here.

He also mentioned the site Hop over and check out this amazing resource.

For more info on Ben Settle check out his website:

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